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1/23/2017 Rep. O’Brien introduces car tax relief bill
STATE HOUSE – Rep. William W. O’Brien introduced legislation (2017-H 5171) that raises the exemption for the motor vehicle excise tax from $500 to $6,000 for Rhode Island residents commencing in fiscal year 2018.

“The citizens of my district and the state are struggling every year to pay the wildly differing rates of our state’s car tax.  In North Providence alone, the taxpayers are charged $41.95 per $1,000 of value.  We have to stop bleeding our residents dry with taxes and I believe car tax relief is an excellent way to help the taxpayers out,” said Representative O’Brien (D-Dist. 54, North Providence).  “Having the state car tax exemption at $6,000 will also significantly help our taxpayers who can least afford to pay the tax every year.”

Currently, the tax exemption is $500 of the vehicle’s value, but, some communities provide additional exemption amounts for their residents.

“I believe this upcoming session is the year our residents will finally receive the relief they deserve on their car tax bills.  I applaud Speaker Mattiello’s pledge to tackle this regressive tax and I am looking forward to working with him this session in my new capacity as a member of the Finance Committee to bring our taxpayers the relief they deserve,” added Representative O’Brien.

For more information, contact:
Andrew Caruolo, Publicist
State House Room 20
Providence, RI 02903