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8/18/2016 Rep. Barros highlights $400,000 savings for Pawtucket taxpayers in charter school payments
STATE HOUSE – Rep. Jean Philippe Barros (D-Dist. 59, Pawtucket) is highlighting a $400,000 payment savings for Pawtucket taxpayers after changes were made to the Education Funding Formula this past legislative session.  Pawtucket residents will be paying $400,000 less to area charter schools due to the change in the formula.

“This is good news for Pawtucket residents and proof that the educational funding formula is working fairly for Pawtucket taxpayers,” said Representative Barros.  “Charter schools are doing excellent work for a lot of students but they do not have some of costs that the traditional public schools must pay.  That’s why it’s important that the changes the General Assembly made to the formula are providing the savings and extra money that the traditional public schools in Pawtucket desperately need.”

The legislature included a measure in the FY 2017 state budget to address a question of school funding equity: local districts’ payments to charter schools their students attend. Legislators moderated the governor’s proposal by allowing districts to reduce payments by the greater of 7 percent of their local per-pupil spending or the difference between their unique costs and those of the charter schools, whichever is greater.

For more information, contact:
Andrew Caruolo, Publicist
State House Room 20
Providence, RI 02903