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Tanzi relieved that hunting will not be expanded to area of Chafee refuge near school, bike path8/6/2020Rep. Teresa Tanzi; NoApproved
Senator Cano’s NALEO child care panel released online8/6/2020Sen. Sandra Cano; NoApproved
Ranglin-Vassell shares message for Jamaican Independence Day8/6/2020Rep. Marcia Ranglin-Vassell; NoApproved
Ruggiero urging approval of resolution opposing merger of RITBA and DOT8/3/2020Rep. Deborah Ruggiero; NoApproved
Rep. Williams calls for unity and change against ‘historic reminders of slavery’ in Providence7/30/2020Rep. Anastasia Williams; NoApproved
Carson applauds city, state for grant to address flooding around Wellington Avenue  7/29/2020Rep. Lauren H. Carson; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: House Finance Subcommittee on Human Services meets tomorrow to hear testimony on department budgets and a budget amendment7/29/2020Rep. Alex Marszalkowski; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: House Finance Committee meets tomorrow to hear testimony on budget amendments from the governor and two bills relating to the state’s ‘Rainy Day Fund’7/28/2020Rep. Marvin Abney; NoApproved
Rep. O’Brien supports bill requiring sworn testimony from department heads in wake of CCRI testimony to House Finance Committee7/22/2020Rep. William O'Brien; NoApproved
House Finance Subcommittee on General Government meets tomorrow to review FY 2021 department budgets7/22/2020Rep. Michael Morin; NoApproved
Rhode Island Parentage Act signed into law7/21/2020Rep. Carol Hagan McEntee; Sen. Erin Lynch Prata; YesApproved
Panel studying Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights reform to have first meeting7/21/2020Sen. Harold Metts; NoApproved
Media Advisory: House Finance Committee to hear 2021 budget, bills7/20/2020Rep. Marvin Abney; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Finance Committee to hear budget articles related to education and health care reform7/20/2020Sen. William Conley; NoApproved
Sen. Cano and Rep. Alzate introduce resolutions celebrating Colombian Independence Day7/17/2020Sen. Sandra Cano; Rep. Karen Alzate; Rep. Joshua J. Giraldo; Rep. Carlos E. Tobon; NoApproved
Caldwell cosponsors bills on gun background checks, parental rights7/17/2020Rep. Justine A. Caldwell; NoApproved
Senate OKs Goodwin bill on nursing home staffing7/16/2020Sen. Maryellen Goodwin; NoApproved
Senate backs bill requiring full coverage of colorectal cancer screening  7/16/2020Sen. Maryellen Goodwin; NoApproved
Rep. Shanley and Sen. Lynch Prata’s emergency mail ballot legislation passes the General Assembly7/16/2020Rep. Evan P. Shanley; Sen. Erin Lynch Prata; YesApproved
Assembly OKs ‘Fair Chance Licensing,’ act headed to governor7/16/2020Sen. Harold Metts; Rep. Scott Slater; YesApproved
Lawmakers drop in-person signup requirement for online sports wagering7/16/2020Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; Rep. Nicholas Mattiello; NoApproved
Assembly adds antitrust review for proposed hospital conversions 7/16/2020Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; Rep. David Bennett; NoApproved
Voters will be asked to remove ‘Plantations’ from state name7/16/2020Sen. Harold Metts; Rep. Anastasia Williams; YesApproved
Rep. McEntee and Sen. Lynch Prata’s ‘Rhode Island Parentage Act’ passes General Assembly7/16/2020Rep. Carol Hagan McEntee; Sen. Erin Lynch Prata; NoApproved
General Assembly approves bill requiring notification of police in gun buyer’s hometown  7/16/2020Rep. Daniel P. McKiernan; Sen. Dennis Algiere; YesApproved
House backs bill to send all voters mail ballot applications7/16/2020Rep. Christopher Blazejewski; NoApproved
House passes resolution creating a study commission on nursing home staffing and requirements7/16/2020Rep. K. Joseph Shekarchi; YesApproved
Members appointed to panel studying reform of Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights  6/29/2020Sen. Harold Metts; NoApproved
Senate OKs ‘Fair Chance Licensing'7/13/2020Sen. Harold Metts; NoApproved
Senate passes Sosnowski legislation on net metering, airport zoning for Block Island7/13/2020Sen. V. Susan Sosnowski; NoApproved
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