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Bennett to chair House Environment Committee  1/23/2019Rep. David Bennett; YesApproved
Rep. Casey appointed chairman of new House Committee on Special Legislation1/23/2019Rep. Stephen Casey; NoApproved
Rep. Noret receives committee assignments  1/23/2019Rep. Thomas E. Noret; NoApproved
Mendez to serve on House Finance, Corporations committees  1/23/2019Rep. Mario F. Mendez; NoApproved
Rep. Amore named chairman of House Small Business Committee; reappointed as chairman of House Finance Subcommittee on Education 1/23/2019Rep. Gregg Amore; YesApproved
Rep. Millea receives committee assignments1/23/2019Rep. Christopher T. Millea; NoApproved
Rep. Serodio receives committee assignments1/23/2019Rep. Jose R.  Serodio; NoApproved
Rep. Williams named chairwoman of House Labor Committee 1/23/2019Rep. Anastasia Williams; YesApproved
Rep. Alzate receives committee assignments1/23/2019Rep. Karen Alzate; NoApproved
Rep. Jackson receives committee assignments1/23/2019Rep. James B.  Jackson; NoApproved
Rep. Hawkins receives committee assignments1/23/2019Rep. Bernard A. Hawkins; NoApproved
Rep. Ackerman appointed chairwoman of new House Committee on Conduct1/23/2019Rep. Mia Ackerman; NoApproved
Rep. Solomon appointed chairman of House Committee on Municipal Government1/23/2019Rep. Joseph J. Solomon; NoApproved
Algiere reform bills would institute line-item veto, create inspector general1/23/2019Sen. Dennis Algiere; YesApproved
Rep. Craven named as chairman of House Judiciary Committee 1/22/2019Rep. Robert Craven; YesApproved
Media Advisory: Elderly Abuse and Financial Exploitation Task Force  to meet with experts1/22/2019Sen. Cynthia A. Coyne; NoApproved
Media Advisory: Special Legislative Commission to Study the Efficiency and Cost of Implementing a Recycling Program for all Multifamily Residential Units to meet today1/22/2019Rep. Robert J. Quattrocchi; NoApproved
Rep. Vella-Wilkinson to host Capitol Television program called ‘Veterans Front and Center’ 1/22/2019Rep. Camille Vella-Wilkinson; YesApproved
Representative Edwards makes his 800th blood donation; one of five in state to reach 100 gallon mark1/22/2019Rep. John Edwards; YesApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Finance Committee to hear bill protecting federal workers from foreclosure, default during shutdown1/22/2019Sen. William Conley; NoApproved
MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Judiciary Committee meets on Tuesday to hear the Federal Furloughed Employees Protection Act1/18/2019Sen. Erin Lynch Prata; NoApproved
Rep. Tobon named to board of National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund 1/18/2019Rep. Carlos E. Tobon; NoApproved
House passes Vella-Wilkinson resolution urging Congress to fund Coast Guard during shutdown1/18/2019Rep. Camille Vella-Wilkinson; NoApproved
Sen. Raptakis resolution calling for President Trump and Congress to end government shutdown passes Senate1/17/2019Sen. Leonidas Raptakis; NoApproved
Carson, Euer to hold constituent meeting 1/17/2019Rep. Lauren H. Carson; Sen. Dawn Euer; NoApproved
Euer, Conley introduce bill to protect federal workers from foreclosure, default during shutdown1/17/2019Sen. William Conley; Sen. Dawn Euer; YesApproved
Sen. Paolino supports bill to expand personal finance education in Rhode Island public schools1/16/2019Sen. Thomas J. Paolino; NoApproved
Goldin named Senate deputy majority whip1/16/2019Sen. Gayle Goldin; NoApproved
Ruggerio to submit legislation to allow mobile sports wagering1/16/2019Sen. Dominick Ruggerio; YesApproved
House Minority Leader Filippi's response to State of the State address1/15/2019Rep. Blake Anthony Filippi; NoApproved
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