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 House Judiciary

04-13-2021-H6671-Arlene B. Baratz, MD
04-13-2021-H6171-Valerie Hill
04-13-2021-H6171-Senator Tiara T. Mack Letter with Signatories
04-13-2021-H6171-Rory Hoffman
04-13-2021-H6171-RI NOW
04-13-2021-H6171-RI Medical Society
04-13-2021-H6171-Michelle Forcier, MD MPH
04-13-2021-H6171-Lesley Holroyd
04-13-2021-H6171-Lauren D'Andrea
04-13-2021-H6171-Kyle Knight, Human Rights Watch
04-13-2021-H6171-Katie Batchelder, RN
04-13-2021-H6171-Julie A. Greenberg
04-13-2021-H6171-Julia Barber
04-13-2021-H6171-John A. Cotoia
04-13-2021-H6171-Jay Petersen, MSW
04-13-2021-H6171-Jamie Smith
04-13-2021-H6171-Hsi-Yang Wu, MD
04-13-2021-H6171-Gregory Fox, MD FAAP, American Academy of Pediatrics
04-13-2021-H6171-Emory Hufbauer
04-13-2021-H6171-Eli Nixon
04-13-2021-H6171-Elana Rosenberg, Youth Pride
04-13-2021-H6171-Dr. Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur
04-13-2021-H6171-Dina M. Matos, CARES Foundation
04-13-2021-H6171-Casey Orozco-Poore, document 2 additional signatories
04-13-2021-H6171-Casey Orozco-Poore document 3New
04-13-2021-H6171-Casey Orozco-Poore document 1
04-13-2021-H6171-Carol Wheeler, MD
04-13-2021-H6171-Camille Chargois
04-13-2021-H6171-Beth Cronin, MD
04-13-2021-H6171-Attorney Patience Crozier, GLAD
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